News sources have been commenting on how quickly the divorce between Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert was finalized. Sources indicate that their Oklahoma divorce was finalized quickly because they had a prenuptial agreement and they are following the terms of their prenup. Had either party sought to challenge the prenup, the divorce likely would have taken considerably longer. This celebrity divorce indicates one of the potential benefits of a prenup — it can make divorce quicker, easier and cheaper. Although we have not seen the Shelton-Lambert prenup, it likely protected the assets of each party and the parties likely waived rights to spousal support (referred to as “maintenance” in Illinois). The fact that this celebrity couple does not have any children also allowed for a quicker, easier divorce as there are no child custody terms to negotiate and include in the judgment. We prepare Illinois prenups and Illinois post-nuptial agreements for high net worth and high income individuals. If you have questions about protecting your high income and/or assets with a Chicago prenup or post-nuptial agreement, contact Chicago family law attorney Tanya Witt at or call (312) 500-5400. This blog does not constitute legal advice. Please consult a family law attorney regarding your specific rights.