Some of the most popular questions we receive from divorcing parents are €œhow much will I pay in child support?€ and €œhow much will I receive in child support?€ The person who pays child support is known as the €œobligor€ and the person who receives the child support is known as the €œobligee.€ The Illinois legislature has set forth statutory guidelines for calculating child support. Obligors pay a certain percentage of their net monthly income, which is outlined in the table below.Number of Children Percentage of Net Monthly Income to be Paid as Child Support1 20%2 28%3 32%4 40%5 45%6 or more 50%It should be noted that this is a minimum amount of child support. A court may deviate from the minimum by ordering more child support or less child support if there is a good reason for doing so. For example, if an obligor earns a substantial income and a strict percentage calculation would result in the child receiving far more than his or her reasonable needs, then the court may order a child support amount that is less than statutory guidelines. If you have questions about calculating a child support obligation, call Chicago divorce attorney Tanya Witt at (312) 948-9884 or email The above blog post does not constitute legal advice. Please discuss your specific rights with an attorney.