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Is Mediation Right For You?

The pandemic has created court backlogs and delays in litigation.  Attorney and Certified Mediator, Tanya Witt, offers a possible solution: Virtual mediation. Mediation is usually faster and more cost effective than litigation Even before the pandemic created court backlogs, litigation... Read More

Co-Parenting Solutions for Pandemics

The pandemic has brought new challenges. Most separated and divorced parents never envisioned having to navigate a pandemic with their former spouse. Parenting judgments (formally known in Illinois as “Allocation of Parental Responsibility Judgments”) spell out the terms for how... Read More

Removing Children from Illinois After the Custody Judgment is Entered

Life may seem easy for parents once a divorce or custody case is concluded. The judgment is entered, no more court dates are scheduled, and the parents are exercising their rights as outlined in their final Custody Judgment. Oftentimes, one... Read More

Tips for Non-Custodial Parents To Consider

Although 50/50 parenting time is on the rise, most Chicago-area divorce cases involving children and custody cases still result in one parent being the primary residential custodian. The parent who has less time with the children is usually known as... Read More

Unmarried Illinois Couples

Recent news stories claim that young people are getting married less often, and when they do get married, the age at which they marry is much older than previous generations. It seems that more couples are “cohabiting”–living together without being... Read More

Waiving Illinois Child Support and Chicago Custody Law

In some Chicago custody law matters, parents wonder whether they can waive Illinois child support in exchange for sole custody. Parents have a legal obligation to provide financial support to their children. This obligation is for the child’s benefit and... Read More

Protecting The Rights Of The Affluent “Parent” In Adoption

A recent Illinois Supreme Court case illustrates the importance of legally adopting a non-biological child if one wants to protect his or her Illinois child custody and visitation rights. Establishing legal parental rights may be particularly important to wealthy Chicago... Read More

Protecting Parental Rights Before a Child is Born

A recent New Jersey case made waves when a Judge held that a mother could exclude the father of her unborn baby from the hospital delivery room at the time of the baby’s birth. Some people were surprised that the... Read More

When a Child Changes Households After Divorce

Most contested Chicago divorce cases and custody cases settle before going to trial. When parents reach an agreement on issues related to their child, one of the attorneys prepares the written parenting judgment. The draft judgment is reviewed and revised... Read More

Summer Vacations and Custody Cases

When children are out of school for the summer, many families plan vacations. Just because someone is involved in a divorce or custody case does not mean that they have to put vacation plans on hold. One thing parents going... Read More