Illinois’ new civil union law will be put to the test. Alisha Brennon and Christina Santiago entered into a civil union in Illinois this summer. After their civil union, Santiago died when a concert stage collapsed in Indianapolis, Indiana. Brennon recently filed a wrongful death action in Indianapolis. The Indiana court will decide whether Brennon has a legal right to bring such an action. Family members may sue for wrongful death when a relative dies as a result of negligence. Indiana does not have a law recognizing same-sex marriage or civil union and only spouses or family may file wrongful death lawsuits.Brennon’s case highlightsan issue that arises whenstates have different laws regarding same-sex unions. If the stage had collapsed in Illinois, Brennonwould clearly be able to sue for Santiago’s wrongful death. Despite advances made in some states, other states do not provide valuable legal recognition to same-sex couples.