The best Chicago divorce requires excellent judgment, discretion and a well-thought out strategy. It involves attention to detail and good timing. We are going to discuss timing in this post. Waiting too long before preparing and filing for divorce can be a major mistake. Of course, deciding to divorce should not be a rash decision. But delay can seriously weaken a party’s legal and financial positions in a Chicago divorce. Once the marriage is irretrievably broken, there can be legal and financial benefits to beginning the process of divorce. For one thing, delay can provide more opportunities for fighting between spouses. The prolonged tension and uncertainty in an unhappy marriage can be very detrimental to children and wearing on the parties themselves. When the parties have minor children, conflict can negatively impact child custody and visitation terms. On the financial side, delay provides the opportunity for the other parent to build a case for the child custody and visitation terms that he/she wants and those may not be the custody terms you want. Delay may also allow a spouse to reduce his/her earnings, become unemployed and maybe even unemployable, hide assets, and run up debts. Delay can turn a divorce which would have had joint child custody into a case for sole custody. Poor timing can turn a divorce in which maintenance (“alimony”) would not have been an issue into a case with high-stakes maintenance claims. If you are seeking advice on how you may pursue the best Chicago divorce possible, call Chicago family law attorney Tanya Witt at (312) 500-5400 or email We handle divorces for men and women in Chicago, Lake County, DuPage County, Kane County, and McHenry County. This blog does not constitute legal advice. Please consult an attorney about your specific case.