There are two issues related to the timing of divorce. First, there may be an optimal time for you to divorce. It could be to your advantage to time your divorce to the extent possible. Talk with a divorce attorney to see if in yoursituation there is a good time versus a bad time to go through a divorce. The second issue of timing and divorce is how long your divorce action will require. Most contested divorce cases in Chicago require at least three months. The quicker divorces are ones inwhich thespouses agree on many of the issues and how they are to be resolved. If you and your spouse own businesses that are challenging to value that could increase the length of your divorce. Having complete and accurate financial records of all marital assets and debts could facilitate your divorce and lower your legal fees. If you have questions about filing fordivorce, call me — Chicago divorce lawyer Tanya Witt at (312) 948-9884 or email The above blog post does not constitute legal advice. Please discuss your specific rights with an attorney.