When your child from your previous marriage is about to start college, the income your subsequent spouse earns could be relevant. This fact probably surprises and maybe even shocks most people. In Illinois, one of the factors a court considers when deciding how to allocate a child’s college expenses between parents is the financial resources of each parent. If your subsequent spouse earns a high income or covers many of your expenses, the court may take that into account when deciding your portion of the college expenses. If you pay for many of your expenses despite your subsequent spouse’s income, keep records that document your payments. The records may make a difference should your prior spouse and you disagree over sharing the child’s college expense. If you have questions about instances in which your subsequent spouse’s income may be relevant, call me — Chicago divorce lawyer Tanya Witt at (312) 948-9884 or email info@thewittlawfirm.com. The above blog post does not constitute legal advice. Please discuss your specific rights with an attorney.